Top Five Movies in 2017 So Far

This year has been great so far for movies, and we’re not even 3 months in. I just want to take the time to highlight some of my favorites that have already come out that I have seen.

  1. Get Out – This still sticks with me almost a month after. I always look back on it and think about just how great of a film this was and it’s honestly going to be tough for something to come out on top over this. This movie delivered on all the thrills and chills and even laughs that a great film should deliver, especially in the Horror genre. Can’t wait to see this again on Blu-ray.
  2. Split – This comes close behind Get out mainly because until I saw Get out this was the film I felt very proud people were actually getting behind and seeing and loving. There are a lot of films like these that people just normally blow off and think they’re overhyped and that they don’t deserve the love they receive, I usually though agree with the critics for most of the time, especially horror films, because when it comes to those types of films critics usually just pass on them.
  3. Kong: Skull Island – Finally there’s a King Kong film that doesn’t just follow the same story from the ’33 classic and instead gives the fans something new and entertaining to witness in the world of Skull Island. It also helps keep the momentum of Godzilla King of the Monsters alive, which is always a plus in my book.
  4. Logan – Along with Kong we finally get a movie fans have been wanting for a long time, a proper movie based on the character of Wolverine. Logan though isn’t just a movie with the character, it’s a great drama piece with actual emotion and heart and weight also. This is a proper swan song to Hugh Jackman playing the character for 17 years.
  5. The Belko Experiment – I’m honestly a sucker for exploitation films such as this. I don’t know why but anything similar to this film I always love whether it be they’re so bad they’re good or they’re actually really good. Which luckily is the occasion here, I honestly only had a few problems with this film that really isn’t too hard to look over in my eyes. I don’t know if besides the other films listed if I’ve ever had as great of a time in theaters.


These have been my top five films of the year so far. Let me know what you all have thought about the year so far in film.


X-Men Original Trilogy Thoughts

I have been watching the X-Men movies lately to get ready for Logan to come out in a couple weeks and I just got done watching X-Men, X2, and X-Men the Last Stand. Honestly, these movies still hold up, at least the first two, and I’m glad the first one particularly was such a success that allowed the comic book movies that we are surrounded by today are able to exist because of it.

I personally think that the first X-Men film is a little lack luster especially now over the years that have past. It’s a technically sound film still, but the scale of it is very small compared to what we’re used to seeing. I mean I do understand why people would enjoy that aspect to it. Especially if they’re tired of the comic book films getting bigger and bigger like they have been lately. I think this film sets everything up nicely but honestly unless I’m watching the second one too, I don’t see myself watching it that often.       4/5

X2 has to be probably in my top 3 out of all the X-Men films still, I still do need to see The Wolverine though. I think the fact that the story is a bit more on the personal side and the fact that there’s a lot more characterization in this one over action set pieces. It honestly feels more of a personal film even if the action and special effects got bigger. I honestly could watch this one as just a great movie at any time.                              4.5/5

Now, this is where things get messy. X-Men the Last Stand honestly is just a popcorn film, but especially after X2, it really isn’t that great. If I wanted to just have background noise on though I might just have it on, but if I actually wanted to focus on the story telling or characters there’s plenty more films in the series I could choose from that would be a better fit than this one. And also I wish someone would do the dark phoenix arch justice, here’s hoping the new X-Men film does just that.                     2.5/5

Overall this trilogy is basically just a great stepping stone to what’s to come. I honestly think that there are better comic book movies out there but considering these were some of the first major blockbuster ones that could have made or break the blockbuster genre we know and mostly love today, I still find some enjoyment in them to this day.