Power Rangers (2017) Review


Power Rangers has always been something that I enjoyed but never really followed too much, mainly because I had Godzilla and King Kong and other Japanese monster properties growing up. I enjoy a lot of the episodes but I honestly feel like the show is a tiny bit repetitive. Of course there are stand out story arches, and of course the special effects were fun because of the show that they took the footage from was something that I would have loved to watch.

Of course I had my doubts with this film mainly because of the recent Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle films, I felt like this could have been exactly like those two series of films. I’m so relieved that isn’t the case at all. The acting is great and the action is spectacular, even though it is a bit sloppy at times. The dialog is at times a little messy along with the camera work, but the acting though pulls through and helps bring this film to the enjoyment levels that I had with the film.

I can understand that people would be upset that the movie takes too long to get to where people came to the theater to see and that was the power rangers getting their suits and kicking putty ass. But sadly that doesn’t come in til about 3/4 of the way through the film. I honestly didn’t mind only because I was really enjoying everything that led to it. I was so glad to find myself smiling and laughing along with the movie and I can’t wait to see what this series carries on from here.                           4/5


Top Five Movies in 2017 So Far

This year has been great so far for movies, and we’re not even 3 months in. I just want to take the time to highlight some of my favorites that have already come out that I have seen.

  1. Get Out – This still sticks with me almost a month after. I always look back on it and think about just how great of a film this was and it’s honestly going to be tough for something to come out on top over this. This movie delivered on all the thrills and chills and even laughs that a great film should deliver, especially in the Horror genre. Can’t wait to see this again on Blu-ray.
  2. Split – This comes close behind Get out mainly because until I saw Get out this was the film I felt very proud people were actually getting behind and seeing and loving. There are a lot of films like these that people just normally blow off and think they’re overhyped and that they don’t deserve the love they receive, I usually though agree with the critics for most of the time, especially horror films, because when it comes to those types of films critics usually just pass on them.
  3. Kong: Skull Island – Finally there’s a King Kong film that doesn’t just follow the same story from the ’33 classic and instead gives the fans something new and entertaining to witness in the world of Skull Island. It also helps keep the momentum of Godzilla King of the Monsters alive, which is always a plus in my book.
  4. Logan – Along with Kong we finally get a movie fans have been wanting for a long time, a proper movie based on the character of Wolverine. Logan though isn’t just a movie with the character, it’s a great drama piece with actual emotion and heart and weight also. This is a proper swan song to Hugh Jackman playing the character for 17 years.
  5. The Belko Experiment – I’m honestly a sucker for exploitation films such as this. I don’t know why but anything similar to this film I always love whether it be they’re so bad they’re good or they’re actually really good. Which luckily is the occasion here, I honestly only had a few problems with this film that really isn’t too hard to look over in my eyes. I don’t know if besides the other films listed if I’ve ever had as great of a time in theaters.


These have been my top five films of the year so far. Let me know what you all have thought about the year so far in film.

CHiPs Review


CHiPs is about a guy and his partner that is undercover from the FBI as a California Highway Patrol (CHiP) Officer going after whoever is behind a recent heist attack that killed an officer.

This movie is your paint by the numbers comedy that’s been made through out the past five plus years. There’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but it at least is made properly. It’s well made and it did make me laugh a couple times. That’s really all I can say about the film because there really isn’t much to it. I will say that the trailer does show off the film properly so if it made you laugh then I’m sure you’ll find enjoyment out of it.                 2.5/5

Beauty and the Beast Review

beauty-and-the-beast-posterRemakes have over the years gotten quite a bad reputation due to a lot of them not being that great nor not adding much to what already was there. I personally have a don’t judge until you see it mentality, but the more I saw of this movie the less excited I got. With each trailer posted the more I saw a shot for shot remake and less originality involved. Now the ’91 animated feature is probably up there near the top, if not the top of the list of the Disney movies made during that time period.

Especially after Jungle Book I got excited for this one when it originally got announced. I thought that they might have made it more like the book but then I knew I was foolish to think that. So I went in with a thought process that well we still have the ’91 version if this really isn’t that great. As much as I didn’t like that the movie didn’t go too far away from the animated version I did like some changes they made, especially with the characters. I enjoyed that they made Belle’s father an actual character instead of just the town fool. I also really enjoy the slight changes they made to Gaston and Lefou’s relationship and especially that of Lefou’s character. But outside of that, along with the song “Evermore,” there really isn’t much different that I thought was helpful nor necessary. I personally am still giving this movie a decent score because of how the source material is still enjoyable to see especially on the big screen.        4/5

The Belko Experiment

15896122_205129543226490_99455900264941175_o.jpgThe Belko Experiment is a very straight forward genre film. It’s about 80 employees that are locked in their office building and they’re told the only way to get out is if they kill enough people. That’s when all hell breaks loose. And depending on what you’re expecting from a movie like this, is how much you might enjoy this. I’ve been seeing some people say that they didn’t think the kills and the plot were original enough for them, but I wasn’t expecting that to be honest. Sure it would make the movie better, but the movie delivers what it sets out to deliver so perfectly that I honestly don’t mind that they are just straight forward kills. This is just a 80 minute thrill ride, and that’s what I expected, and that’s what I loved about it. Go out and see this please, these types of films aren’t released theatrically often and I love to see these types of films in theaters like this.                   Highly recommend 4/5

Recent Review Round-up

I’ve been quite busy lately, enough to not be able to shoot videos on my Youtube Account, and be able to share just how amazing these past three weeks have been for film in general. These past three weeks have seen some major releases come through, and all have been stellar in their own rights. You have Get Out being a fantastic and nearly perfect horror-comedy genre film, you have Logan which is the perfect send off to the character Hugh Jackman has played for an unbelievable 17 years, and then you lastly have Kong Skull Island bringing forth the movie that giant monster and Kong lovers have been itching for for nearly 100 years.

Get Out

I didn’t expect Get Out to be as good as it was to be honest, I personally thought that the movie could be, if done right, a blast either intentionally or non-intentionally. But when reviews started pouring in and it kept at a 100 percent for the longest time on Rotten Tomatoes I was honestly surprised. The trailers looked creepy but then the fact that Jordan Peele was going to be directing and writing it threw me off also. Even though I knew that it was going to be a well made film considering what everyone online was saying, I was still moved and blown away by just how great this film was. I really didn’t expect this to come from Jordan Peele but the writing and directing really are what stand out to me, along with the great performances all around from everyone. I still can’t believe the father is played by Bradley Whitford, whom I’ve loved since I saw him in Cablin in the Woods.  Anyone looking for a great suspense thriller should support this film any way they can, I know I’ve seen a lot of link online for the movie but I really hope that everyone either at least rents it just to give their support to more movies like this from Jordan Peele.        5/5


If you had read my review round up for the original trilogy of X-Men movies then you’d know that I thought the first two films are quite good, excellent still to this day in regards to X2, and that X-Men 3 left some more to be desired especially with it’s second half. After I had rewatched all those films though I had sat down and rewatched X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and finally got around to seeing The Wolverine, the extended edition no less, as well to get me ready for Logan.

Honestly I love it when trilogies can improve upon themselves like this one can. Because it shows to me that the film makers and sometimes studios actually listen to fans and fix what might not have worked the first time, much like The Purge films to me. I feel like Fox started listening to what people wanted and started delivering the Wolverine goods we knew Hugh could deliver given the proper treatment. Now granted we probably wouldn’t have gotten Logan like this if Deadpool wasn’t a huge success because it showed fox that R rated superhero films are at the very least desired if the character you’re basing the movie on deserves it. Like I personally don’t think Fox should go around making every X-Men film from here on out R rated, and I don’t think other studios should too, unless the character is, in their comics, a R rated character. Because that’s what makes these films so successful, fans want their characters that they’ve loved in the comics to be properly portrayed on the big screen as those comic book characters.

Now the movie itself is quite powerful, and very emotional. The movie does have some flaws but they’re few and far between and don’t at all hinder the experience. I will say that if there were to be anything I would have to say negatively would have to be how long it is, I feel like there are some sequences that could be shortened down, but at the same time I understand that with this being a sendoff to basically a couple decades of films then I can let it slide. If you’ve been a fan of at least Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine through all the X-Men films then you deserve to allow yourself the experience of this proper send off for the character and honestly the whole chapter of the original X-Men films.           4.5/5 

Kong Skull Island

Kong Skull Island is just a blast. It is finally a movie that isn’t just a retelling of the original 1933 classic, and it also isn’t bloated to 3 hours long either. It knows what it is and what people want from a King Kong film. It is beautifully shot and the action is spectacular, especially with the fact that 90 percent of the CGI scenes are all during the day time, unlike most movies made nowadays in this category seem to do. I don’t usually mind that though because I know that some movies use that to their advantage, much like 2014’s Godzilla. I just thought that aspect was such a welcome change to the norm. I will say that this is probably my second favorite King Kong film, behind the original. It’s just a step above Peter Jackson’s version mainly because it does tell a different story, one that I find brilliant.

The cast is great and I love everyone’s performances. John Goodman, Samuel Jackson, and John C. Reily steal the show though. Most people have a problem with the characters and I do understand that they may feel like some people are underused and to some extent I do agree. I do wish Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston were able to do a bit more than just show up on set and be themselves, but their characters really don’t need much more than that. Which is why I think the script is just fine the way it is. I do hope more people keep supporting this film, I’m surprised and grateful that so many people are supporting this film as it is and that it is doing great business at the box office.    4.5/5

Like I said, there’s a bit of everything for anyone right now, especially with Beauty and the Best coming out this weekend. I hope I enjoy that one too, but I feel like I’m going to be a little disappointed, especially after the excellent Jungle Book released last year. I just am not seeing too much stuff to warrant it getting made especially since we have the 91 classic readily available and it doesn’t look that they’re doing much different with this movie.

The Great Wall Review

The Great Wall is best put as a Chinese film with a Hollywood budget… made by Hollywood. It basically is a shell of a film that I’m sure if it actually was made with a lower budget and made solely by the directors ideas, it could actually be great. But this is a classic case where the studios butted in and wanted to basically slap on a directors name to the final project. 

Matt Damon is dull in this film which is sad to see, and honestly outside of the action scenes there’s really not much more to it. I walked in really wanting to like this film but I honestly just felt bad for everyone involved. There really wasn’t much heart or spirit in this movie which desperately needed it.       2/5

X-Men Original Trilogy Thoughts

I have been watching the X-Men movies lately to get ready for Logan to come out in a couple weeks and I just got done watching X-Men, X2, and X-Men the Last Stand. Honestly, these movies still hold up, at least the first two, and I’m glad the first one particularly was such a success that allowed the comic book movies that we are surrounded by today are able to exist because of it.

I personally think that the first X-Men film is a little lack luster especially now over the years that have past. It’s a technically sound film still, but the scale of it is very small compared to what we’re used to seeing. I mean I do understand why people would enjoy that aspect to it. Especially if they’re tired of the comic book films getting bigger and bigger like they have been lately. I think this film sets everything up nicely but honestly unless I’m watching the second one too, I don’t see myself watching it that often.       4/5

X2 has to be probably in my top 3 out of all the X-Men films still, I still do need to see The Wolverine though. I think the fact that the story is a bit more on the personal side and the fact that there’s a lot more characterization in this one over action set pieces. It honestly feels more of a personal film even if the action and special effects got bigger. I honestly could watch this one as just a great movie at any time.                              4.5/5

Now, this is where things get messy. X-Men the Last Stand honestly is just a popcorn film, but especially after X2, it really isn’t that great. If I wanted to just have background noise on though I might just have it on, but if I actually wanted to focus on the story telling or characters there’s plenty more films in the series I could choose from that would be a better fit than this one. And also I wish someone would do the dark phoenix arch justice, here’s hoping the new X-Men film does just that.                     2.5/5

Overall this trilogy is basically just a great stepping stone to what’s to come. I honestly think that there are better comic book movies out there but considering these were some of the first major blockbuster ones that could have made or break the blockbuster genre we know and mostly love today, I still find some enjoyment in them to this day.

Fist Fight

Fist Fight is a movie that I honestly really looked forward to. Nothing about it seemed like I should fear for the best of everyone’s careers after this movie came out. I love Charlie Day and Ice Cube. I thought that this honestly wasn’t their best work though, mostly. When it comes to the quality of the film, I thought that it was filmed nice and everything looked great. The acting I thought was pretty good from most people. I really do think that Ice Cube wasn’t giving his all like he does in the Jump Street movies or even in the Ride Along films sadly. I honestly just thought that for every funny joke, it was followed by an unfunny one.

I really hope that this movie doesn’t bomb though because I really would like to see Charlie Day do more outside of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I just wish that this movie packed a lot more of a punch than it did. Oh irony.

I’m going to have to give this film a 3/5. I honestly can see some people having seen the trailers and being turned off by it, but I was probably one of the few that actually got excited for this the more I saw of it before tonight. I will say that it is at least worth a watch. Sadly just not at full price, either rent or catch it on HBO or whatever movie channel it decides to land on.

My thoughts on Cinema in 2016

It’s that time of year again folks! Where we sit down and realized that there were a ton of great films this year and that ultimately it gets tougher and tougher to rank them when so many are just as great as some others. Well without a further a due… here are my top 10 movies of the year!

  1. Arrival
  2. La La Land
  3. The Nice Guys
  4. Swiss Army Man
  5. Don’t Breath
  6. Nocturnal Animals
  7. Sing Street
  8. The Lobster
  9. Kubo and the Two Strings
  10. Shin Godzilla

Now some films might have been better made than these or what have you but I honestly think that these films are what stood out to me the most when it came to how they looked sounded and ultimately made me feel leaving the theater. Now, there were plenty more than 10 movies that made me feel like there’s a reason why I go to the theater weekly and sit down and watch these films of course. But I ultimately was able to chisel my list down to these 10. 

These next few movies though are movies that I considered for my list but when I started to actually rank them these just fell short of the list, now these aren’t in any order except that out of all the movies that I saw these could have easily been placed in the bottom five of my list and I wouldn’t have been ashamed about it.

Sausage Party

The Edge of Seventeen

Lights Out

Doctor Strange

Rogue One A Star Wars Story


Captain America: Civil War

The Jungle Book

Green Room

The Witch



The Shallows

Hail Caesar

Ouija Origin of Evil


Hardcore Henry

Conjuring 2

Finding Dory

Star Trek Beyond



Now when it came to my least favorite films of the year it was quite simple which ones I hated and which ones I despised. Now granted some movies just left me feeling dissapointed, like blair witch, in which case I was super excited back when it was calling it The Woods, then they went and let the cat out of the bag with the title of Blair witch and caused me to absolutely lose all excitement for it right there and then. Now without further a due here are my least favorite movies of the year. 

  1. The Forest
  2. Dirty Grandpa
  3. The 5th Wave
  4. How to be single
  5. Fifty Shades of Black
  6. Ride Along 2
  7. Morgan
  8. Alice Through the Looking Glass
  9. Batman Vs Superman (Theatrical Edition)
  10. Risen

And now here is the list of all the films I saw all year so you can get a better grasp behind my thinking of these list and how I got to the final conclusion.

  1. Swiss Army Man

  2. Finding Dory

  3. Popstar

  4. X-Men Apocalypse

  5. Conjuring 2

  6. The Nice Guys

  7. The Lobster

  8. Gods of Egypt

  9. Hardcore Henry

  10. The Witch

  11. Green Room

  12. Neighbors 2

  13. The Jungle Book

  14. Alice Through the Looking Glass

  15. Captain America: Civil War

  16. The Forest

  17. Hush

  18. Batman Vs Superman

  19. The Boss

  20. 10 Cloverfield Lane

  21. Whisky Tango Foxtrot

  22. Eddie the Eagle

  23. Triple 9

  24. London has fallen

  25. Zootopia

  26. Zoolander 2

  27. Kung Fu Panda 3

  28. Hail Caesar!

  29. Risen

  30. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

  31. Deadpool

  32. Fifty Shades of black

  33. The 5th Wave

  34. Dirty Grandpa

  35. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

  36. Ride Along 2

  37. How to be Single

  38. The Boy

  39. Sing Street

  40. The secret life of Pets

  41. Sing

  42. Rogue One A Star Wars Story

  43. La La Land

  44. Office Christmas Party

  45. Nocturnal Animals

  46. Allied

  47. Moana

  48. Siren

  49. Arrival

  50. Doctor Strange

  51. The Edge of Seventeen

  52. Deepwater Horizon

  53. Magnificent Seven

  54. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

  55. Ouija Origin of Evil

  56. Shin Godzilla

  57. The Girl on the train

  58. don’t breath

  59. clown

  60. Keanu

  61. War Dogs

  62. Sausage Party

  63. Blair Witch

  64. Sully

  65. Storks

  66. Masterminds

  67. Kubo and the Two Strings

  68. Batman The Killing Joke

  69. How to be Single

  70. The Brothers Grimsby

  71. Lights Out

  72. Suicide Squad

  73. Ghostbusters

  74. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

  75. The Purge Election Year

  76. The Shallows

  77. The Legend of Tarzan

  78. Accountant

  79. Morgan

  80. Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them

  81. Star Trek Beyond