Beauty and the Beast Review

beauty-and-the-beast-posterRemakes have over the years gotten quite a bad reputation due to a lot of them not being that great nor not adding much to what already was there. I personally have a don’t judge until you see it mentality, but the more I saw of this movie the less excited I got. With each trailer posted the more I saw a shot for shot remake and less originality involved. Now the ’91 animated feature is probably up there near the top, if not the top of the list of the Disney movies made during that time period.

Especially after Jungle Book I got excited for this one when it originally got announced. I thought that they might have made it more like the book but then I knew I was foolish to think that. So I went in with a thought process that well we still have the ’91 version if this really isn’t that great. As much as I didn’t like that the movie didn’t go too far away from the animated version I did like some changes they made, especially with the characters. I enjoyed that they made Belle’s father an actual character instead of just the town fool. I also really enjoy the slight changes they made to Gaston and Lefou’s relationship and especially that of Lefou’s character. But outside of that, along with the song “Evermore,” there really isn’t much different that I thought was helpful nor necessary. I personally am still giving this movie a decent score because of how the source material is still enjoyable to see especially on the big screen.        4/5


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