Fist Fight

Fist Fight is a movie that I honestly really looked forward to. Nothing about it seemed like I should fear for the best of everyone’s careers after this movie came out. I love Charlie Day and Ice Cube. I thought that this honestly wasn’t their best work though, mostly. When it comes to the quality of the film, I thought that it was filmed nice and everything looked great. The acting I thought was pretty good from most people. I really do think that Ice Cube wasn’t giving his all like he does in the Jump Street movies or even in the Ride Along films sadly. I honestly just thought that for every funny joke, it was followed by an unfunny one.

I really hope that this movie doesn’t bomb though because I really would like to see Charlie Day do more outside of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I just wish that this movie packed a lot more of a punch than it did. Oh irony.

I’m going to have to give this film a 3/5. I honestly can see some people having seen the trailers and being turned off by it, but I was probably one of the few that actually got excited for this the more I saw of it before tonight. I will say that it is at least worth a watch. Sadly just not at full price, either rent or catch it on HBO or whatever movie channel it decides to land on.


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