Wonder Woman (2017)


Warner Brothers! Where have you been all this time? Finally, after the last couple attempts with their DC universe that haven’t been too favorable, they’re back with a great film. I love Man of Steel, though I do know why people don’t like it. I thought that two and half hours out of the three hour ultimate edition of Batman Vs. Superman was entertaining, especially Ben Affleck as Batman. Then there’s Suicide Squad… I love parts of it and the characters I thought were casted well, but the story and flow of the film was just a huge mess. But with Wonder Woman, they hit it out of the park!

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine shine in this film with their performances. The story isn’t anything new or revolutionary, but it didn’t try to either. It didn’t bog itself down with a bunch of subplots that slow everything down like Batman Vs. Superman did, it told it’s story from point A to point B in a fantastic manner unlike Suicide Squad did. I feel like Warner Brothers and everyone behind the DC films have finally figured out that us fans just want good movies. We don’t need to be thrown every comic book out there all at once or to just be edgy and flashy for the sake of being edgy and flashy.

The movie is a fun time. It made me laugh even made me almost shed a few tears, I never once groaned or rolled my eyes back like with Batman Vs Superman or Suicide Squad. Everyone should give this movie a try, especially if the past couple DC releases have turned people away.

Rating: 4.5/5


Week 3 madness

Very bad week for me been busy and didn’t really have much free time. 

Nightmare before Christmas (1993)

Runtime 1 hour 16 minutes

Summary: When jack skellington gets tired of the same old Halloween celebration he stumbles upon a mysterious group of trees with doors on them. He stumbles into the Christmas tree door and discovers exactly what’s he was looking for, a new way to celebrate!

This is probably my most watched film been watching it my whole life quite frequently between the months of October and September to the end of the year. It’s great for the whole family and can be watched easily throughout the end of the year. 

Rating 10/10

Points 2


Week 2 madness

October 9th

Cult of chucky (2017)

Run time: 1 hour 31 minutes

Summery: Chucky is back and trying to finish what he started with Curse of Chucky. This was honestly a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see what else this series has under it’s sleeve

Points 6 (ATB)

Rating: 4.5/5

Friday the 13th part 4 the final chapter (1984)

Run time: 1 hour 31 minutes

Summery: Jason is back, but this time, might just be his last (even though it really isn’t). This was a good movie but I do think that these movies need to breath in them, because it’s starting to feel like they’re just the same movies with some different plot elements.

Points: 2

Rating 4/5

October 12th

Friday the 13th part 5 A New Beginning (1985)

Run time: 1 hour 32 minutes

Summery: After the events of the last friday film Tommy jarvis is trying to live a normal life, but some how murders are popping up around town that seem too much like Jason that is suppose to be dead. Honestly this is probably my least favorite friday film. it’s mostly just forgettable to me.

Points 2

Rating 2/5

Friday the 13th part 6 Jason lives (1986)

Run time: 1 hour 26 minutes

Summery: Could almost be a direct sequel to part 4 and disregarding the events in part 5 jason is resurrected by lightning thanks to Tommy Jarvis trying to make sure himself jason can never return. This is probably my favorite Friday film. Because it puts some fun into the series and makes it feel different.

Points 2

Rating 4.5/5

Friday the 13th part 7 new blood (1988)

Run time: 1 Hour 28 minutes

Summery: A Telekinesis teenager frees jason after the events of the last film. This movie is a film, honestly…. I feel like this just retreads the first few entries of the series, I will say though this is my favorite Jason design. I do wish this movie could get an uncut version but the director says that most of the footage is either lost or destroyed sadly.

Points 2

Rating 3/5

Friday the 13th part 8 Jason takes Manhattan (1989)

Run time 1 hour 40 minutes

Summery More like Jason Takes two boats. This movie is stupid and dumb and can easily see why people don’t like it. I found it hilarious and on those terms well worth the watch.

Points 2

Rating 2/5

Jason goes to hell (1993)

Run time 1 hour 27 minutes

Summary: This movie… is interesting to say the least. New line got the rights to the character of Jason, but not Friday the 13th, because that was part of their deal with paramount, who for the past couple films kept cutting the budget. So what does New Line do with this new power? Kill Jason 5 minutes in, and have jason go from body to body to do his bidding till he can be reborn. Like I said, interesting.

Points 2

Rating 2/5

Jason x (2001)

Run time 1 hour 31 minutes

Summary This was my first film with Jason in it that I saw, and for that it has a special place in my horror heart. I personally eat up the cheesy and over the top plot. They send Jason to space, and make him Uberjason. That’s really all that needs to be said.

Points 2

Rating 4/5

October 13th

Friday the 13th (1980)

Run time 1 hour 35 minutes

Summary a group of kids are getting Camp Crystal Lake prepared for summer camp. Little do they know that there’s a murder on the loose in the words.  The original one is still a classic but it is a bit too serious for my liking. I think it ends up being in the middle somewhere of the whole series, now that I’ve finally seen all of them.

Points 6 (ATB)

Rating 4/5

The devils candy (2017)

Run Time 1 hour 19 minutes

A father must fight his demons for his daughter and wife’s lives. Summary Sadly I didn’t get to see this with the viewing party but I love this film too much to miss out on seeing it this october. This is probably my favorite horror film of the year.

Points 6 (ATB)

Rating 5/5

Madness Viewing Party

The void (2017)

Run Time 1 hour 30 minutes

Summary A group of people are stuck in a hospital surround by strange people in white cloaks, as something sinister lurks below. This film is good for what it is, an indie body horror film. It is extremely silly at times and makes me laugh a lot, but as a love letter to 80’s body horror films on little to no money, I’m surprised it turned out as good as it did.

Rating 4/5

Hell raiser (1987)

Run Time 1 hour 34 minutes

Summary A woman is haunted by her dead lover whom she was cheating with in the attic of her home. He is forced to have her bring sacrifices to him so he can escape the hell he currently resides. This movie is a bit on the soap opera side of drama, but the characters and the imagery in the film make it well worth the cult classic status it has.

Rating 4.5/5

Points 15

October 14

Raw (2017)

Run time 1 hour 39 minutes

Summary A vegetarian girl starts vet school and is forced to eat a rabbit kidney, and with that taste of meat, she starts craving it, no matter what type of meat it is. I sadly missed this one in theaters but luckily got to catch it on netflix. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait for someone to release it on Bluray in the states so I don’t have to stream it in HD. Easily one of my favorites of the year.

Points 6 (ATB)

Rating 4.5/5

Week 1 Madness

October 1st:

Gerald’s Game (2017)

Run time 1 hour 43 minutes 

Points 6 (ATB)

The Burlingame’s try to get their marriage back in force by spending a romantic weekend in a  remote location but it soon turns into a fright fest for Jesse when Gerald suffers a heart attack while she’s handcuffed to the bed. 

I personally only had heard bad things about the book mainly due to the fact that Jessie stays in the bed for the majority of it, but I was surprised just how much I enjoyed this movie and think it’s well worth the watch. 


Friday the 13th part 2 (1981)

Run time 1 hour 27 minutes

Points 2

A set of camp counselors arrive to start training for the first day of camp outside of camp crystal lake 5 years after the events of the first film. When suddenly a killer is picking them off one by one.

Overall I feel like this is the best Friday the 13th movie I’ve seen, and I don’t see that changing by the time I’m done.


Frankenweenie (2012)

Run time 1 hour 27 minutes

Points 2

Tim burton can finally let loose on a live action short he made in 1984 but this time in glorious stop motion claymation. Victor is devastated when his dog pal sparky gets ran over and dies. He learns in science class about the power of electricity and dead frogs and gets the crazy idea to bring sparky back to life. 

This is one of my favorite films by Tim Burton in recent years, just because it feels like he’s right back at home. A great family picture.


October 2

Twin peaks

The original pilot

Run time 1 hour 34 minutes 

Points 2

Episode one

Run time 44 minutes

Points 1

These two episodes basically run back to back in how the pilot is everyone reacting to the news of the death of Laura Palmer, and then the second episode is everyone trying to live their normal lives after the news hits them.

Overall these episodes are good, but I feel like I need to keep watching to see if I agree with a lot of people who love the show or not.


The grudge (2004)

Run time 1 hour 31 minutes

Points 2

A nurse finds herself dealing with a lot more than disease when the house she’s sent to help the home owner with is actually haunted by an evil spirit.

This movie is good but not great. I personally prefer the Japanese version over this one, but I don’t think it’s bad either, just ok.


Friday the 13th part 3 (1982)

Run time 1 hour 35 minutes 

Points 2

A new group of teenagers shack up near camp crystal lake and Jason starts another killing spree but this time in the third dimension

This movie is overall just a fun time, though only really worth it if you can see it in 3D. 


Blade Runner Review (Theatrical)


I’ve been trying to get a copy of Blade Runner on Blu-ray for quite some time, but since the five disc version that I thought was the only one that had all five versions of the film was out of print I didn’t figure getting my hopes up that I would be able to see all the difference versions, considering I haven’t seen the film before, before the sequel came out. Somehow I overlooked the 30th anniversary release because Best Buy had it available for only $10 and it had everything the 5 disc version had. So I hopped on that as soon as I could and then started my viewing pleasure.

Now, I’ve only heard about the film, never once seen it though, so I knew about what was changed between the different versions of the film. But never once did I think that the way the studio mangled this film would be that bad. The voice over work they had Harrison Ford do to “bring the audience up to speed” was quite unnecessary and just reminded me of when they tried to Americanize all the classic Godzilla films by explaining what was going on instead of letting the audience take in what was happening. It honestly made the film feel slower, especially after watching the director’s cut.

The film itself though was good, if not a bit underwhelming. I probably would never watch this version ever again.

Score: 3.5/5

The Mummy Review


I took a week to write this because I had to think about my thoughts on this one. I walked in not being too excited because the trailers made it look like it was just going to be a rehash of the trilogy that came before this. I have to admit though, I’m quite surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did.

The movie isn’t as action heavy as the trailer made it out to look like. Which I was thankful for, It actually had quite a bit of horrific scenery and set pieces. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Russell Crowe’s character and how he shouldn’t have been in the movie, but instead just an after credit scene, but I thought it worked well for the story and moving the plot along.

I will say I didn’t care for Tom Cruise but I didn’t think he was bad either. His friend though wasn’t really that great, especially at the end of the film. The ending also felt tacked on, and left me underwhelmed in a way.

Overall though the movie was entertaining enough and left just enough enthusiasm in me for the future of the Dark Universe.

Rating: 3.5/5

Dark Universe Thoughts

I just am curious what people are thinking of Universal’s Dark Universe they’re trying to create with The Mummy (2017) this weekend, I for one am not all that excited after seeing footage from The Mummy. It reminds me too much of the 90’s trilogy, which I enjoy those as they are, Indiana Jones meets the Mummy films. When I first heard about this idea a few years ago, I got excited, I thought Universal would be going back to their horror roots. Even the trailers for Dracula Untold seemed decent, but that didn’t pan well, so then they announced that they were going to go back and rework everything and start it off with The Mummy instead. Then, when the first trailer came out for The Mummy, I learned real quick that I wasn’t going to get that, and I’m worried that the future of this series will follow suit. I just wish that universal would take the series from here on out, especially after what people are saying about the film and move into the horror genre. These are just my two cents on this idea. I’d love to hear what any of you guys think.

The Void


The Void luckily got a screening in Indiana thanks to Horrorhound and scarlet lane brewing company and boy was I glad. I thought originally this was a smaller movie from A24 for some reason but then came to realize that it was actually an indie film funded through the internet. And I’m glad that it did.

The movie is about a small town deputy that finds a guy stumbling out the woods with scars and all bloodied up. He takes him to the near by hospital that’s mostly packed up and ready to move after a fire turned most of the building unusable. What he didn’t know is that there are darker and more sinister stuff happening around him that he has gotten himself into picking up the stranger out of the woods.

This movie was great for what it was, a callback to classic 80’s body horror like The Thing or From Beyond. The atmosphere and demonic images are haunting thanks to the use of old school practical effects. Now I’ve seen some people complain that they didn’t like the film because it was too dark or that it was too much like the films it was paying homage to. I personally thought it had enough of an identity to pull its own weight, and especially knowing that this was funded online, really don’t mind the dark images, especially when you can still see what is happening around them enough.

This movie isn’t a perfect film, nor will it be nominated for anything outside of smaller horror focused stuff, if that. But what I loved about it is that it just goes and does it’s own thing and delivers on every note I wanted it to.                4/5


life-poster-alien-ripoff-bigLife is a movie that is basically a genre smoothie, and I do enjoy my smoothies. I’ve been describing this movie as one of those that even though the trailers look like this is going to be exactly like Alien or even The Thing, it really isn’t though. I think Sony needs to change their marketing team completely because they recently just haven’t been able to show off their films properly.
This movie, like I said is basically a genre smoothie. It does take elements of just about any alien/space/isolation sci-fi horror films, but it takes all the great elements and plays them to their strengths. This really took me by surprise and I really can’t wait to be able to rewatch it on Blu-ray. The acting is great and the writing is also. The music is top notch is as well.                  4/5

Ghost in the Shell (2017)

ghostinshellposter_0Ghost in the Shell is a movie that I honestly didn’t know what I’d expect to feel about when I went to go see it, I mean the reviews started going up the day I went and saw it and the first one I saw was Chris Stuckmann‘s review and he loved it, and I thought that I was going to love it. Then I saw some other peoples reviews and they didn’t have anything nice to say about it. So I got worried more and more though out the day. But I honestly don’t see why people hate this movie so much outside of the die hard fans not wanting this done in the first place.
This basically gives me the exact opposite feeling as Beauty and the Beast gave me a couple weeks ago. Everything that is basically shot for shot or at least similar to the anime film left me feeling meh about it. It doesn’t hold the same magic as much as they do in the anime. But really everything that is different than the anime film is what really shines in this film and I really did enjoy this film. I wish more people were watching this though as of writing this it is expected to make less than 20 million for the opening weekend and that does make me sad.                     4/5